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About Healthy Self

I am about Wellness Coaching and Mentoring, creating a healthy lifestyle and practicing self care. Five years ago I began transforming my own life leaving a sales career and created my business Healthy Self LLC. Healthy Self also spells Heal Thy Self. Self knowledge, awareness, and healing are your unique path to your authentic self. You know what is best for you; let me show you how to feel empowered and confident making the choices and decisions that create your life. The opportunity for your healing and happiness is now, not in the past or somewhere in the future. Many of us have been programmed to look to others such as friends, parents, etc to tell us what we should be, have, or do with our lives. The choices are yours; I can help you reveal what you really want.

My background is being well studied and certified, however personal experience has been the best teacher. Because I have experienced unhappiness with a desire for change at different times in my life, I understand how you can feel stuck and without a direction. I left a ten year sales career because there came a day for me that I could no longer invest so much energy in something that did not feel good to me. I had the benefit of an amazing life coach Linny Curry, several years working with a Professional Applied Kinesiologist Dr. William Cohl and the privilege of working with Medical Intuitive Pam O'Sullivan. I learned how to change sloppy thinking into deliberately creating my life. I now balance my self-care, family, and friends as well as my business. What I use to consider a "problem" I now see as an opportunity to make a choice based on what I prefer. Does this mean I have "perfect" relationships, marriage and children? No, however the difference is how I perceive situations and then look for how I can be part of the solution. Let me help you identify cycles and patterns in your life that don't work. Peel through prior programming and generational family dysfunction that still affects your life