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Healthy Self, LLC!

Are you ready to make your health and happiness your top priority? Happiness like love is something that has to be practiced. New habits that match what you want must be applied over time. The focus of my business is supporting children, teens and adults as individuals and within relationships. Learning life skills and how to manage your emotions so you feel better and be happier. The purpose of life coaching is very different from therapy or counseling. Minimal time is spent on past behaviors, problems or negative events, coaching focuses on what you want now. Keeping yourself in present time is how you can create lasting peace and happiness. Life is supposed to be fun and you are meant to be happy. With attention to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself you will feel relief. There is purpose in every relationship and life event, both wanted and unwanted. With a small shift of perspective and clear intention you will know you are on the right path.